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$3 a gallon in some spots, including parts of missouri and michigan and texas. according to the lundberg survey, the average price nationwide is $3.51, down almost a dime over the past week. >>> car door scratches, dings and dents, may soon be a thing of the past. ford has developed a mechanically extended flap that automatically activates when the doors open. it also retracts on its own. the feature will debut on the 2012 ford focus. >>> at the movies "the lion king" roared again. the re-release of the 1994 classic this time in 3d won the box office race for the second weekend in a row. the baseball drama "moneyball" starring brad pitt opened in a very close second place with the family film "the dolphin tale" debut the at third. looks like something there for everyone. >> how much do you know about lion king? ♪ >> i am not singing! nobody wants to hear me sing, trust me! >> ashley morrison in new york, thanks very much. appreciate it. >>> swimmer diane nyad stopped her swim friday. without a shark cage or other protection. after stung multiple times by a jellyfish, sh
swirled out of the clouds out of western michigan yesterday, most residents headed for their basements, but one woman grabbed a camera and caught it on video. the twister was dramatic as you see here, but it caused no injuries and only minor damage. >>> tyson meats is recalling more than 131,000 pounds of ground beef because of e. coli contamination. four children of an ohio family became ill this month after eating the tainted beef and one was hospitalized for nine days. it includes beef sold at the following stores. the beef has a 73/27 lean to fat ratio. and is labeled with a best before date of september 12th. it also has the number 245d on the packages. >>> a new york teenager is hospitalized after being shot outside a mcdonald's. an incident tuesday that was caught on tape. it shows one young man passing a gun to another in a white shirt who goes inside. now, he passes it on to a young man in a red jacket who comes out of the door firing four shots at the 18-year-old in the white tank top and shorts. the victim rolls away from the gunman and is now in critical, but stable, condit
in the northern rockies and another system will cross the great lakes today bringing rain from michigan to texas. it will be mild and partly cloudy in the northeast, while the southeast is sunny and very warm. >>> here is another look at this morning's top stories. >>> president obama unveils his more than $3 trillion budget cutting plan, including $1.5 trillion in new tax revenue. republicans say the proposal is nothing more than a political ploy. >>> investigators recovered a camera from that world war ii era plane that crashed during an air race in reno. the mustang had been dramatically altered to increase speed. at least nine people were killed. >>> conjoined baby twins are at home and were successfully separated during a surgery to separate them. the 11-month-old twin girls from sudan were born with the tops of their heads joined together. doctors at a british hospital performed the complex surgery. the girls are said to be doing well and they will celebrate their first birthdays next week. >>> a scary looking experiment in britain. a scientist test young children to see how well they can
we should make of the latest numbers. >> reporter: in their ferndale, michigan, home, ray and brianna scott are underwater. deep underwater. >> it's terrible. it's... it's not the way it should be. >> reporter: six years ago, they bought the house they're raising their two sons in for $132,000. but we have been a slight increase in value in recent months, it's now worth only about $80,000. >> we're $50,000, roughly, in the hole. we're probably never going to get that back. >> reporter: not at this race. the case shiller survey found in 18 of 20 metropolitan areas, house prices have declined over the past year. only detroit and washington, d.c. have seen slight gains. what will it take for the housing to get bet recovery? >> why is there going to be a housing recovery? >> reporter: economist robert shiller, co-founder of the case shiller index, has tracked home values back to 1890. >> home prices are not high anymore but they're not low by historical standards. so if confidence were to slip more home prices could fall further. >> reporter: shiller's chart shows that, leaving out the ho
, dramatic videos of the moments after a michigan family's station wagon goes up in flames. >>> and appeal for justice. american student amanda knox, walks into a courtroom to hopefully find her freedom. >>> heavy rain today. and the first warning weather team is tracking the storm. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] you love the taste of 2% milk. but think about your heart. 2% has over half the saturated fat of whole milk. want to cut back on fat and not compromise on taste? try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance. >>> well, getting a first look at the moments after a car bomb explodes inside a michigan family's car. [ sirens ] >> police say a sophisticated bomb went off, while an attorney ask his two sons were in a station wagon. all three survived and are now recovering in a hospital. authorities are still trying to determine who is responsible and why they were targeted. >>> in today's wjz healthwatch, new mothers may have another reason to breast-feed. a new study in the journal pediatrics, finds a connection between breast-fed babies
they think is in the country illegally. >>> and a tornado was caught on tape in michigan. central michigan yesterday. take a look at this. luckily, damage was minor and nobody has was hurt. >>> it is >>> years ago baseball purist said that having a wild card team would take the drama out of the pennant races. >> drama? you want drama? plenty of last night as both wild card leads came down to the final day. here is cbs news correspondent betty nguyen. >> high flyball, belted left! >> reporter: the atlanta braves who led the national league wild card race by 10 1/2 games just one month ago, stumbled through september and needed to beat the philadelphia phillies to secure at least a tie for a shot at october play. the braves led 3-2 in the ninth. but the phillies got to closer craig kimbrell to tie it and beat the braves at home 4-3 in the 14th inning. >> and the cardinals are the wild card champions. >> reporter: st. louis win earlier in the evening made the cardinals the n.l. wild card. more draumts in the american league. just one strike away from the october berth,
of the players of fourth and high in dearborn, michigan, are muslims. for the last month or so they were fasting all day. >> no food or water from sun-up 'til sundown, not good timing getting ready for a long season. what the team chose to do is remarkable and a lesson for everyone. we'll have that story just ahead on "the early show." get america's favorite coffee for america's favorite single-serve brewer. try all five delicious varieties, only at dunkin' donuts stores. let's take a look at the forecast, gray skies, no showers. we had a little bit of light rain overnight. for another half hour i will keep that graphic in place. 83 degrees going to be the high. tonight partly cloudy 65. tomorrow partly sunny, 88 degrees. pretty darn good weekend. over to sharon gibala with the traffic. . good morning, we pick up accidents, one on a major roadway, 795. southbound direction. watch for crash in randal, elm cross, another one in one at olds pore, one on st. paul at east preston. there is a look at your speeds and drive times in the beltway. life look at the topside, stop and go there at harford ro
%, that's five points above the national average. michigan is a state he won by a huge margin in 2008. today things are not looking as good particularly on the jobs front. at his speech to a labor audience in hard-hit detroit today, president obama is expected to hail the success of the 2009 auto industry bailout, and call on members of both parties to come together to solve the jobs crisis. >> there's a lot of talk in washington these days about creating jobs but it doesn't help when those same folks turn around and risk losing hundreds of thousands of jobs just because of policical gamesmanship. >> reporter: this days after a report shows no new jobs were created in july. rivals like mitt romney, in michigan, one of his home states, continue to hammer the president with. >> we have last month zero job creation. look a shutout is okay in baseball it's not good when you're talking about jobs. >> reporter: congress returns from mid summer recess this week and president obama is calling on lawmakers to extend the transportation bill. the white house claims fai
to detroit, michigan, where the unemployment rate is a staggering 14.1%, 5% above the national average. >> we need to put our differences aside and do the right thing for our economy. >> reporter: the trip comes on the heels of the weakest job report in almost a year and just as the election season kicks into full swing. >> we have zero confidence, zero faith in a president -- >> reporter: in new hampshire last night, former massachusetts governor mitt romney tried to convince a tea party crowd he can fix the economy. >> we have last month zero job creation. look, a shutout is okay in baseball, it's not good when you're talking about jobs. >> reporter: romney will unveil his jobs proposal in nevada on tuesday but he's not the only one with a plan. president obama will unveil his on thursday while other gop hopefuls are also working on their ideas. >> the principals that i adopt are permanent fixes rather than temporary gimmicks like we've seen from the president. >> reporter: minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann is proposing reducing the corporate tax rate to 20%. former utah governor jon
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in north michigan, it thinned out and a change in the direction of the wind. now low pressure has been driving this front and it can get stalled somewhere around pennsylvania new jersey and new york and we expect a frontal system that will stick out in the ocean and it will move up to new york and go back towards pennsylvania kind of spin around for a couple of days. now the bulk of the shower activity will be to our north and will be close enough for the baltimore area, we may see a shower or two, maybe even monday, wish i had better news. now ophelia has really gotten strong this afternoon, the good news is, it is picking up speed and there is bermuda, it is not in the cone of the hurricane force winds, based on the current track it will pass east to bermuda, strongest winds and now you see an inch of rain and a few squalled showers, this storm will eventually weaken it is a gets to cooler water and felipe will disorganize and it is moving to the north but expect it to also die out. low pressure over erie pennsylvania moving towards new york, just kinds of hanging out there and yes,
are far from anointing a front-runner. on sunday after appearing at another straw poll in michigan perry was crushed by top rival mitt romney who grew up in the state. after his lackluster debate performance, perry reportedly told party leaders he was tired but conservative insiders are actively trying to find another candidate to get in the race. several have reached out to new jersey governor chris christie who so far has flatly rejected invitations to jump in. >> i said, what do i have to do short of suicide to convince people i'm not running? >> reporter: as for rick perry, scott, his stumbles particularly hurt at this time because he's out there crisscrossing the country, meeting potential donors and trying to persuade them to give some big-time money for his new campaign. >> reporter: jan, thank you very much. there has been another major breach of security around the u.s. embassy compound in kabul, afghanistan. today one american was killed, another wounded when a gunman opened fire inside the c.i.a. station there. two weeks ago, the embassy was under siege for more than 20 hours
michigan. showers and thunderstorms reach all the way to the mid-atlantic states. later today, though, there will be a threat of heavy rain in pennsylvania and thunderstorms in the mid-atlantic states. the northeast will be hazy and humid. the northwest turns drier and cooler. >>> today is the last day of baseball's regular season and four teams are still fighting for the two wild card spots in the playoffs. as boston tries to battle out of its september collapse, rookie catcher blasted a home run off the orioles and the red sox pulled out an 8-7 victory. the sox remain tied with tampa bay for the american league wild card. >>> here in new york, the surging rays pulled off a triple play against the yankees and matt joyce hit a three-run homer to beat the yanks 5-3. if the rays and red sox are tied after today's final games, tampa bay would host a one-game tiebreaker thursday afternoon. the a.l. division series starts on friday. >>> in the national league, atlanta lost again, allowing st. louis to tie up the wild card race. philadelphia's hunter pence blasted a long home run as the phi
to be a huge shift. >> reporter: she'll get no argument from 85-year-old michigan democrat john dingell, the longest-serving congressman. >> is there anyone among u.s. here that are proud that we could not produce a budget? that we caused the downgrading of the u.s. government securities? >> reporter: several lawmakers came back from the august break saying they'd got the message and want to work together. but jacquelyn sturges of chicago is skeptical. she has heard it before. >> what is the problem when some of the best educated people in this nation cannot sit down and bring a resolution to a problem plaguing this country? would someone please explain that to me? >> reporter: americans feel slightly better about their own member of congress. 33% in our poll saying that they believe their own representative deserves to be reelected. but, scott, even that is close to an historic low. >> pelley: thanks, nancy. there was something else we noticed in the poll about congress. we've been taking these polls for decades and almost always when folks say they don't like congress, they make an ex
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to detroit, michigan, where the unemployment rate is 14-point 1%. 5% above the national average. >> we need to put our differences aside and do the right thing. >> the trip comes on the heels of the weakest job report in a year, as the election season kicks in to full swing. >> we have zero confidence and five-day forecast in the president. >> reporter: former massachusetts governor tried to convince a tea party crowd he can fix the economy. >> romney will unveil his jobs proposal in nevada tuesday, but he is not the only one with the plan, president obama will unveil his on thursday, while other gop hopefuls are working on their ideas. >> the principles i adopt are permanent fixes rather than temporary gimmicks. >> reporter: minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann proposing reducing the corporate tax rate to 20%. form you are utah governor is calling for sweeping tax reform. >> clearing out deductions, corporate welfare, subsidys. >>> obama administration e mates unemployment will average 9% next year. rate was 7-point 8% when the president took office. the opened memorial to dr. martin
, we think somewhere around missouri, up to ohio and michigan probably by late sunday. by monday, looks like we'll start seeing some of that precipitation in our area. unfortunately. but most of the weekend -- most of the weekend, should be dry. now, there may be a shower late saturday evening. a scattered one sunday night. maybe a scattered shower. the best chance looks like on monday of scattered shower activity. a couple of thundershowers. unfortunately, that may linger, tuesday into wednesday, the way things are shaping up. the front is just going to slow down. south winds, 5 to 10 knots. the bay temp in the mid-70s. so tonight, we'll call it partly cloudy. right now, it's overcast. but it will clear out. low of 65. tomorrow, back up to 88, with partly sunny skies. warmer, more humid. it's going to feel like almost really early august or late july tomorrow. same thing on sunday. but a risk of scattered showers saturday night and again on sunday night. scattered, the real stuff probably doesn't get here, as i said, until monday. so hopefully, most of the weekend will be okay but warm
that has been stuck over wisconsin, illinois, and michigan. it is weakening, but it continues to spin. and because of that spin, the flow here in the eastern half of the united states continues to bring in this tropical moisture from the gulf of mexico. it's like being along the louisiana coast. because of that same moisture. to the north, quite a bit of activity. as you can see, across maryland, pretty good stuff. southwest of us, a nice, dry slot. hopefully we'll get into that tomorrow. but we still have that front that has to move through the region. so we'll still be stuck with a risk of more scattered showers on wednesday and again on thursday before it really dries out. and the forecast tonight. shower activity. spotty but anybody can see heavy activity. 65 and look out for fog in the morning. again. and then clouds, sunshine. maybe another shower or thundershower tomorrow afternoon. same thing for thursday before i think it finally gets out of here sometime friday. >> just say uncle. please. [ laughter ] >>> still to come tonight on eyewitness news. >>> the toxic smoke could be
the folks at smart balance. >>> new information about the victims of a car bomb in michigan. eric shapel and two sons are expected to fully recover from their injuries. investigators are still trying to determine who planted the bomb and if the father was intentionally targeted. >>> a high school bus trip takes a wrong turn in north carolina. it happens early this morning when a bus driver pulled over to let a car pass. but the road gave way, causing the bus to flip. highway patrol says the shoulder had softened because of all of the rain. >>> it is a familiar ring, followed by unwanted messages. the new nuisance texters are facing. >> it's the familiar ring, followed by an unwanted message. telemarketers are now turning to text, instead of phone calls, and there's little you can do to stop it. >> it's definitely annoying. >> it's just an inconvenience. and it's a nuisance. and i'd rather them not bother me on my cell phone because i thought my cell phone was a private number. >> ads for quick cash, bill collectors or even to find out your secret crush. >> reporter: these are like any ot
. and as it clears out, another system upstream there, across upper michigan and wisconsin. that's moving in our direction. so tomorrow afternoon, look for more showers. looks like we'll be stuck with that same pattern thursday and again on friday. could even see some heavy rain. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. denise? >> thank you, bob. >>> a startling discovery in western maryland has department of as -- agriculture looking into who shot and killed a bird. someone shot a bald eagle near cumberland. >> reporter: officials say it's the first bald eagle to be shot in maryland in nearly 10 years. >> reporter: majestic and riegel, they are the -- regal, they are the majestic bird, they were brought back, to the delight of bird watchers who consider themselves lucky to spot one. >> to watch them feed around the lake or something. it's just really a wonderful sight. >> which is why the discovery friday of a dead bald eagle in cumberland is so alarming. dnr police called to private property, where a homeowner found the eagles shot to death, halfway submerged in the water, sparking an investig
chicago, north and west, wisconsin, lots of showers, michigan, down to ohio see how they just lined up one after -- slowly but surely, seeing that activity we don't think it would be quite as strong as it is out there right now a lot of energy will go north with that cloud mass and showers headed our way we have a pretty good shot later tomorrow and wednesday of getting showers out of that system, most of this stuff will pass offshore again, quite a bit of sunshine west of this, and you thought maybe with the sun 13 all this moisture, -- and all this moisture, it will pop up, showers could develop generally stay humid side, before any cooler and drier air can get in here that is why they won't take place until late thursday or friday, for the weekend, a lot cooler air will move our way, southeast winds a to 10 knots, -- 5 to 10 knots, sunrise, 6:59 a.m., tonight could be a shower later, look for fog around, again, especially morning hours, 67 and tomorrow, we could get up to 80, 81 depends how much sun we get and a couple showers maybe a pop up, shower late in the afternoon tomorrow night
the execution of troy davis. why his case is causing worldwide protest. >>> a car bomb in michigan, injures two children. what investigators are say being the powerful explosion. >>> two teenager girls killed in a hit-and-run. finally, an arrest in the case three months later and the chilling 9,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it's 5:30. 74 degrees and cloudy. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. two people face criminal charges for hit-and-run that left two teenagers dead. tonight, wjz obtains police dispatch recordings, revealing the intense search for the suspect. adam may reports for the crimes that left two families devastated. >> reporter: those two young girls were left for dead, here at the intersection of pratt and mlk, back in june. now finally an arrest in the case. >> reporter: they were hit by a car that ran a red light, just blocks from their home. the teenagers died a minute later at shock trauma. >> multiple pedestrian struck at mlk and pratt. >> two teens. >> the vehicle that struck the pedestrians hav
of the aftermath of a car bomb in michigan. [ sirens ] plims say the bomb went off in a station wagon, while an attorney and his two sons were inside. amazingly, all three are expected to survive and make a full recovery. federal agents are investigating the attack trying to figure out why the victims were target. so far, there are no arrests. >>> facebook users are noticing addition to the website. and many people are not happy about the changes. john blackstone reports for wjz, and the differences they notice and what they'll mean. >> reporter: at a conference in san francisco, facebook founder mark zuckerberg announced that facebook will soon be a place where friends can do much more than share photos. they'll will be able to share almost every part of their lives. >> like music, movie, tv and news. you're going to be able to start adding those now, too. >> reporter: cnet editor, brian cooley say its mean fist he's watching a netflix movie on his ipad, facebook will automatically tell his friends. they will be able to watch what he's watching, listen to what he's listening to, and make fa
his car blows up in michigan. now we're learning more about this case. vic has more after the explosion. >> reporter: police just released the call from 911. his car is on fire, and he pleads with the operator for help. >> we have a vast accident. my car blew up with the two kids. i've got two significant leg injuries, one to his bottom left leg. then one to his left buttocks that are chewed up pretty good. okay? deep tissue wounds. they are bleeding. i need someone here now. >> medics rushed the man and his two sons to the hospital. and doctors expect them to make a full recovery. they identified the victim as 42-year-old eric chapel, an attorney who specializes in business disputes. police are not saying whether he was targeted by a client because of his job but they are following a number of leads. >> experts say the bomb was on a timer. >>> convicted killer troy davis was put to death, despite international outcry and doubts about his guilt. >> people who are about to take my life, may god have mercy on your souls and may god bless your souls. >> reporter: minutes afte
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with another ek chf tcheck of t weather. >> we have a cold front bringing showers and storms from michigan to texas and down the south, tropical storm lee. other than that we're pretty good, lots of sunshine and temperatures are warm everywhere else. then we turn to the tropics, watching out for hurricane katia, we have it moving to the northwest at 10 miles an hour, maximum sustained winds at 75. the good thing is that it's not bothering any land areas, kind of sitting and spinning out in the ocean but it is projected to as soon ads the middle of the week become a category 3 hurricane. it is a cat 1.,, >> this weather segment sponsored by at&t. at&t, rethink possible. >> russ, take it away. >> thank you. >>> a wonderful story for you now, a college football player had his career interrupted by the vietnam war. who years later he's hitting the books and pounding the gridiron with kids young enough to be his grandchildren. he has yet to play his first game but alan moore is hitting the books. at 61 he's the oldest player in college history. >> i don't think i've had a coach quite that old.
status hit a wall over the weekend. mitt romney won the michigan straw poll on sunday. on saturday, herman cain surprised everybody with winning the straw poll on saturday. jan, goorm. wh good morning. when we take a look at rick perry with glns ablazing. there is a lot of criticism since the debate on thursday night. why not take a quick bit of what he said lately. >> there may be slicker candidates and there may be smoother debaters, but i know what i believe in and i'm going to stand on that belief every day. >> so there he is making his case. what has the impact, though, of the last few days been on his campaign, jan? >> reporter: he took off like a rocket when he got into this race last month. so this is bringing him back down to earth. the fact that herman ciain won that straw poll i think it shows voters aren't ready to embrace him or his message yet and now seeing him turn it into a positive. the clip you played he is not a slicket slick debater unlike mitt romney. i think you will see him saying the questions that concerned about him these are elite washington insiders and
days in ghana? >> that call to action on the university of michigan campus led to the formation of the peace corps in 1961. >> i have today signed an executive order providing for the establishment of a peace corps. >> enlisting volunteers to serve as ambassadors of peace in foreign countries was one of president kennedy's first orders of business upon taking office. >> this call will be a pool of trained men and women, sent overseas to help foreign countries meet their urgent need for skilled manpower. >> less than six months later a group of 51 americans arrived in ghana for the inaugural mission. >> that's me. >> newell flather, just 23 years old at the time, was one of them. >> when i got the word that i was going to go to ghana, that was something i very, very much wanted to do. having outsiders in your midst is always enrichening. >> for the last half century, peace corps volunteers have maintained a steady presence in ghana, helping to lay the foundation for this flourishing african nation. the recent discovery of oil in ghana has made it one of the fastest growing econom
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